Xbox Support Number

In the event of a problem with your Xbox console then contact the Microsoft Xbox support team on 0800 587 1102.

This line is open between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday, and 10pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sundays.

When a technical issue with your Xbox arises you can try to fix the problem yourself or check out one of the many videos on YouTube that cover a range of technical issues and how to resolve them. If you can’t find a solution by searching for it yourself then you should contact the Xbox Support number on 0800 587 1102.

Microsoft Support

Customers experiencing difficulties with their Xbox can also contact a virtual agent via the Support section of the Microsoft website. This Live chat option will help you to resolve any technical issue you are experiencing with your Xbox. You can also contact the Xbox support number if you experience billing issues, games, or problems with your account.

Microsoft Contact Number

You can also get support for your Xbox over the phone by calling the Microsoft customer service contact number: 0344 800 2400. You can also request a call back if you would like to chat with Xbox support.

Microsoft Forums

On the Microsoft website there a huge number of forums that deal with a range of support issues including dealing with problems with accessories and Xbox Rewards. There is also a section on the forums that deals with Xbox error codes and you can find out from other users who have experienced the same error how they resolved it. One of the most regular problems recorded on these forums is with redeeming codes on gift cards.

Xbox Gift Cards

The support number for any Microsoft products bought at a Microsoft store is 0800 026 0329, you can also contact Microsoft on this number to speak about difficulties with a gift card including being unable to redeem it. However if you bought your gift card from another retailer the support number you need is: 0344 800 2400.

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