Microsoft Support: 0344 800 2400

The Microsoft Support number is an important contact detail for all owners of Microsoft software, personal computers, operating systems and Microsoft gaming devices including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Phone 0344 800 2400.

Calls to this number are chardged at the same rate as geographic 01 and 02 numbers, therfore you may find that your phone company has included calls to 0344 in its inclusinve minutes. It is always worth checking your contact or contacting you mobile company to see what the rate is for calls to dialling codes you have not called before.

The Microsoft customer service number is a catch all contact line that can also be used for customers looking for support with their Microsoft product. Help that you can recieve on this line can be anything from advanced Microsoft tech support for new owners of an operating system to advice on how to load a game properly for new owners of an Xbox machine. The important thing is that before you phone Microsoft Support you have a clear idea of what your issue is so you will able to articulate it to the customer support agent on the other end of the telephone line.

Microsoft Phone Number

Phone 0344 800 2400 to speak to a member of the Microsoft customer support team for help and advice on your Microsoft device or laptop, support with a Microsoft operating system. This number can also be used for help and support if you use a Microsoft Office Suite.

The 0344 800 2400 telephone line is also suitable for customers who are experiencing difficulties with their Microsoft Outloook account, including difficulties with logging in. Customers who have forgotten their Outlook password can call this number to help get a reset, so they can go ahead and login to their email account again.

Microsoft Complaints

Customers who are dissatisfied with a Microsoft device or customer service experience should phone Microsoft on 0344 800 2400 to register a complaint. This complaints number can also be used by customers who use Microsoft office 365 as their business operating system. Alternatively customers can write to Microsoft at the following postal address with full details of their complaint:

Microsoft Uk Headquarters
Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park

Store Support: 0800 026 0329

Microsoft operate a freephone online store support number which you can use to track purchases from their online store. Therefore this is the number to phone if you need to track down an order that has not arrived on time, or for guidance on returns and refunds if your product arrives in less that satisfactory condition. Also dial 0800 026 0329 to seek customer support if you have difficulties using the sales section of the website. This number can be used by owners of Xboxes, Surface Books, Office 365 and Windows PCs and also for customer who would like to purchase a Microsoft gift card, vouchers or gaming subscriptions as a present for a relative or friend. One of the most common reasons for phoning this number is for customers to get support while installing newly purchased apps on devices such as the Surface Pro, Microsofts 128 Gigabyte machine which is powered by Intel Core m3.

Microsoft Business Customers

The Microsoft support number for business customers is 0800 026 0061 which will take you through to a customer support agent who can give technical support for devices, operating system or business apps. It also operates as a sales support and advice line so customers can get information on businesss software systems and special offers. Microsoft offer a huge range of support packages that allow both small and large business owners to update and synchronise office computers with microsoft products such as 365 and Sharepoint, meanwhile staff can also make business mobile using Enterprise Mobility. All of these packages can be stored and shared using Microsoft Cloud platforms. Phone the Microsoft business support team on 0800 026 0061.

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