Kingdom Hearts 3 – Argos

The cartoon world of Kingdom Hearts 3 comes smashing back onto our consoles on an unconfirmed date in 2017 – later THIS year. This game promises the best combination of game graphics with animated movie – in this case Toy Story – colour, fun and familiarity. The real joy of the Kingdom Heart series of games is that the best of Japanese animation is fused with the best Disney has to offer to create a world where the familiarity of the characters contrasts with the cutting edge gameplay and brave new world of gaming.

Various videos have appeared on YouTube in recent months, mostly with Japanese voiceovers, of real scenes from the game as it will be released towards the end of 2017 or in 2018. The gaming on offer makes it seem unlikely that the game will disappoint and make it seem sure to be a big hit both in the East and the West, keeping gaming fans across the globe excited and engaged in 2018 with the newest instalment of the Kingdom heart trilogy.

You can pre-order you game now on the Argos website, for £54.99. If you have any questions about when this game or any others will be released it is worth contacting Argos on 0345 640 3030 – the store enquiries number.

The game will be released at the same time on both the X-box One and the Playstation 4, order your copy on the website or phone Argos on the number above for further information.


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