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Fans of Microsoft games consoles greeted the release of the Xbox One S with interest and bewilderment. Even the biggest Xbox fans will have found it hard to deny that the Xbox One had some serious design flaws: a large external battery, disappointing controllers, and just a big machine that was begging for an overhaul from the first day on it’s release in 2013. Well it took three years but with the release of the Xbox One S on the 2nd of August 2016 Microsoft finally made the Xbox One that the world was waiting for and loyal Xbox fans deserved. Below I have detailed some of the major improvements to be found with the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S


The first thing that you notice when comparing the Xbox One with the Xbox One S is the difference in size: in fact the later model is 40% smaller, despite storing it’s power inside. With devices such as TVs and consoles, DVD players and other gadgets – not to mention all manner of phone paraphernalia – taking up so much space in modern living areas saving room on the size of your console plus to not have a big unwieldy external battery pack taking up more space does make a huge difference. Therefore the Xbox One S is a huge improvement in terms of size and compactness.


Watching Movies

The Xbox One S boasts 4K  Blu Ray, which makes your viewing experience pretty incredible, considering you are watching from a device that is advertised primarily as a games console.  The ‘S’ also has 4K video streaming and HDR and you can configure the device so that it recieves your TV signal, so that you have all your entertainment options in one box. In fact this new Xbox One S performs a similar type of role to Apple TV, in that games, movies and TV can all be managed and enjoyed from just one box.



As well as being a lot smaller the Xbox One S also trumps the earlier model in the beauty stakes due to it’s new slimline design and interesting. If you decide to you can keep the machine upright by buying a stand. In the position the top half of the machine is a beautiful robot white while the bottom half is the same colour but has an attractive gemometric pinhole pattern. Or if you have it flat under the two sides is the cable port in a contrasting black.

Xbox One



Due to the 4K Blu Ray this machine represents a solid upgrade in terms of graphics from the Xbox One, however the difference isn’t substantial enough to trade in your old machine to buy the new one if gaming is your only reason for buying. If you exclusively play games on your console then you may be better off waiting out for the release of the XBox One ‘Project Scorpio,’ a console that promises huge improvements in graphics and gameplay. Microsoft’s aim with this new model, to be released in the Summer of 2017, is to harness more of the 4K power into actual gameplay rather than just for watching videos. There is also the promise of virtual reality gameplay and much more processing power.

Project Scorpio Games



The new console comes with a redesigned controller with improved wireless range allowing you to move back into the sofa while playing, rather than having to be close to the Tv. The new controller is also a sleeker design and a grip underneath also allows you to play in more comfort.

Xbox One S Controller

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