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Some of the most addictive games on the market remain racing games, this is due to the high speed, the endless challenges, the small amount of effort it takes to get reasonably good, and the opportunities to challenge friends around the track. The first racing game I played was 3D Grand Prix on the Amstrad CPC 464, a game with really good graphics and in-car action. These days racing games are far more nuanced and many of them involve really neat tricks, some even employing weapons and other dirty tactics. Here are some of the upcoming Xbox games to look out for in 2017.


Road Rage

Road Rage taken place in a fictional city called Ashen where competing motorcyle gangs vye for power, ultimately attempting to take control of the whole territory. Control is gained by winning races through means both fair and foul using speed, clubs, axes and driving skills as the weapons of choice. Accompanied by a hard rock soundtrack the game is promises much for fans of racing and we expect it to deliver.

Road Rage 2017


Riptide GP: Renegade

This offering is an illegal jet ski racing game. Illegal because the competitors have been banned from the mainstream racing circuit, the game features high speed on dangerous tracks with safety but an afterthought. One of the intersting features is the tricks that the riders can perform as they tear around the track = not surprising then that the game has some spectacular falls and crashes.

Riptide GP: Renegade


Table Top Racing: World Tour

This the most accessible of all the games on the list is a traditional racer with miniauture cars tearing round various table tracks with various obstacles and a cool electronic soundtrack. The game is a lot of fun and has some fantastic graphics including some obstacles like batteries and champagne bottles. You can even race your way round one of those round revolving tables customers eat off in sushi restaurants. This one is due for release on the Xbox One in April of next year.

Table Top Racing


Mantis Burn Racing

This is an exciting racing game that offers some wonderful winding tracks in great natural setting like canyons or beaches and also urban environments. These race track backdrops are illuminated by some stunning looking graphics, and interesting setting such as night racing.

Mantis Burn racing



This is a racing game set in the year 2560, a time when man’s place on earth is at risk so humans have moved to distant planets where they start racing their craft round galaqctic settings such as the rings of planets. With speeds up to 800 miles an hour this is the fastest of all the games, with racing taking place over rapidly changing tracks with shooting colours, effects and fortunes. The physics in this game are incredible and it seems you are always just a degree, or one false move away from the bariers or losing your place on the track – you are!


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