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Back in the 80s and 90s, when computer animation and graphics were more simple, platform games made up the majority of the games available. We all remember games like Robocop on the Amstrad and Commodore etc, when the hero just move from left to right, ducked, and shot up or down. Well the days of such a simple interface are well gone and platform games are almost indistinguishable from the platform games of old, but the genre lives on and on this page we happily introduce some of the titles available in 2017.



This game, which is primarily aimed at children, has big-featured colourful character and is full of harmless fun such as jumping, running, grabbing and spinning. The heroes are a chameloeon named Yooka and a bat named Laylee. The game features some spectacular landscapes with a cartoon feel, really if you have an Xbox One and you have kids this game is a must have in 2017. It is released in March 2017.

Yooka Laylee


Little Nightmares

Although featuring a main character who appears to be a little girl in a yellow mackintosh, this eery looking game is definetely not for kids.The game is set in what appears to be a haunted house from which the lonely character attempts to escape, there are some baddies lurking in some of the creaking corridors and strange rooms with ugly faces, strange bodies and sinister intentions – made even more frightening by the dark rooms and strange soundtrack. The escape plot is made more difficult by the haunted house’s location deep below the sea. This is a frightening game, but promises to be brilliant. Release date is Spring 2017.

Johnny Yellow Hat



This game combines 1930s style cartoon animation with state of the art gaming technology to create a unique title for the market in 2017. Upon seeing a video preview the first thing it reminded me of was those old popeye cartoons, but the plotline departs from a simple damsel in distress story-board, favouring rather a world where the character hets into mischief and has to battle his way oit of trouble. It is another fascinating title that all fans of platform games should keep an eye out for in 2017.



Sonic Mania

This list would not be complete without mention of Sonic Mania. Sonic the hedgehog is one of the most popular platform games of all time so fans of ehe genre will be abuzz when this title gets a remake and rerelease ready in 2017. The new version will be 3d and promises some brilliant fast-paced action.




This list of interestinga and varied games is completed by this platform game which explores the world of physics. The game introduces a wide range of characters and weapon choices. This game looks set to be fun, exciting and also educational for familes who play games with their children.The audo that accompanies the gameplay is as fun and as bright as the characters. Good game for some familf fun. Release date February 2017.


Unbox 4

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