Next year promises to be a big one for those who choose to play their sports on the screen. Some sports such as football, motor racing and boxing have always translated well into games. In fact some of my earliest gaming memories were playing the Ocean title Matchday 2 in the late 80s and early 90s on the Amstrad CPC 464. More recently I have followed the FIFA series and FIFA 17 will be my sports game of choice next year. Below I have summarised some of the sports titles set to be released on the Xbox next year.



The first on the list is already out and one we have mentioned already: FIFA 17. For the first time in the history of the FIFA series you can navigate your player through the highs and lows of life both on and off the pitch. You will get to help your up and coming player to make the right decisions concerning diet, transfers, living arrangements, and relationships with everyone from girlfriends to the manager. Combined with the usual brilliant gameplay and stunning match graphics the addition of the off-pitch storylines adds an unexpected but welcome shake-up of the FIFA series and we can heartily recommend you add this game to your Xbox One collection.




Extreme sports will be brought right into the safety and comfort of your living room if your choose to purchase this title on your Xbox One. The game features fast-paced winter sports such as skiiing and snowboarding and also extreme sports like wingsuit flying and paragliding. There are three main game settings which dictate the way you can win. The first setting is traditional: make the least mistakes and finish in the fastest time. The second is a new idea: be as reckless as you can and crash in the most spectacular style, while the third is a mix of the first two settings. The game features some stunning backdrops, spectacular skylines and huge foreboding snowy mountains. The game will be released on 2nd December – just in time for Christmas.

steep extreme game


Don Bradman Cricket 17

The Australian Don Bradman is considered one of the best batsmen the world has ever produced so when Don Bradman Cricket 14 was released in 2014 it was considered fortunate that the game was not a duck. In the last few years there have been a couple of rereleases of the title and we can look forward to the 2017 version next year. Like FIFA 17, above, you get to manage the career of your player and help him navigate professional pitfalls. Skilled or determined players will get to navigate their players career from local level cricket all the way up to the world cup and Ashes Series.

Don Bradman cricket


Mutant Football League

Mutant football league is an apocalypse cum sports game that is actually not football atall but rather the american version of the same name: American Football. The game was actually first released on the Sega Genesis in the 90s but this version is much more realistic. The plot of the game is that in the futore humans have gained special powers through radioactiove leake and that zombies have risen from their graves. But the plot is not too significant the main thing is that the game promises some fantactic game playing options and a mix between a shoot-em-up and a high scoring sports shoot-out.

Mutant League Football

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