Massively Multi-player Online (MMO) is a genre of games whereby you can play live with many other people an internet connection with other users to your device. Role playing games lend themselves most naturally to this genre because gamers love to people their new world with other game-players who they can bounce ideas off and tackle increasingly complicated tasks. World of War Craft is one of the most popular titles.

There are huge range of MMO Games out on the Xbox at the moment and many more on their way in 2017.

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Moonlight Blade

One interesting offer in 2017 comes from China with Moonlight Blade, a luxurious historical epic which stretches out over a range of settings from the Great Wall, the Forbidden City to the Plains of Western China. It has strong martial arts feel and some strong storylines – playing like one of the epic Chinese movies like Hero or Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon. We are not sure if this game will be released on the Xbox – but here’s hoping.



For Honour

This is another historical epic, but from the world of the Vikings. If you like battles and castles and axes the this is definetely the game for you. Although the action is mainly of the slash and gor variety behind the scenes of this you must develop your own strategy and be on top of managing tactics. The game was developed by Ubisof Montreal and will be released on 14th february 2017 – only a good idea to play on that day unless your idea of Valentine is a massacre rather than a romantic meal.

For Honour


The Crew: Calling all Units

THis is a car pursuit game that plays out over a virtual U.S.A. where you can choose to be the hunter or the hunted, over. There are a huge array of cars and motorbikes to choose from including: Ferraris, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, BMWs, Kawasakis, and Ducatis. The game has mission modes, but we prefer to play simply tearing after friends and foes alike across the country. The release is yet to be arranged, but we predict it will race to the top of the charts when the day arrives.

The Crew Calling All Units


Get Even

Get Even is a first person shooter that is that either stars the voice of Sean Bean or someone who sounds just like him, although no credits for this role could be found. It takes place over a series of dark corridors and foreboding rooms that you can navigate using some sort of sat-nav held in the hand of your character – the other hand holding a gun of course. The game could be described as a horror/psychological thriller, and it certainly boasts many chills and spills. There are a couple of negative reviews that can be found around the web, but we think it looks well worth a try at least.

Get Even


State of Decay 2

State of decay 2 is the sequel to 2013’s classic MMO, an aplocalyptc zombie shoot-em-up, with deep characterisation and an excellent storyline. Join up with other players to try and survive for as long as you can and build safe-havens where you can plan your course of action and fight off the dead bad guys.

State of Decay 2


Ark – Survival Evolved

Originally pencilled in for a June release date this game will now be available on the Xbox One at the end of this or the beginning of next year. Like State of Decay it is a survival game but in this one you are preyed on by dinosaurs and you have to develop a safe haven where you can build a community.

Ark Survival Evolved

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